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Beef Options

Steak Thickness *
Most people have their steaks cut 1” thick but others want thicker. The thinner the cut the more steaks you will have.
Roast Size *
Roast size typically depends on family size. A couple might get 2 lbs roasts where a large family would want 5 lbs roasts.
Would you prefer roasts ground into hamburger? *
Tenderized Round Steak *
Most people have their round steak ground into hamburger but some want it for things like chicken fried steak or fajitas.
Hamburger Package Size *
Most get 1 lb packages of hamburger but our larger families get 2 lbs packages.
Hamburger Ratio *
Hamburger ratio is the percentage of lean meat to fat. Most get 90/10 but some do other ratios.
Brisket *
A brisket is only an option if you get a half or whole. Most grind the brisket into hamburger but some want to smoke it.
Organ Meats
The oxtail, tongue and liver are considered organ meats and you can save them if you want or discard them, most don't want them and discard them. If not purchasing whole beef, organ meat from an animal is limited. However please select your organ preference and we will aim to please.
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Pork Options

Hams and Bacon *
Most select cured and we highly recommend this.
Bacon Slices *
Most select thin slices.
Sausage Seasoning *
We prefer heavy seasoning.
Ribs *

Lamb Options

Leg of Lamb *
Ribs *
Shoulders *
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Shanks *
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